Legend of the Seas

BREAKING: Royal Caribbean has made an agreement with Thomson cruises to sell Legend of the Seas in the spring of 2017.The final sailing for the Legend of the Seas as a Royal Caribbean ship will be on March 13, 2017. Richard Fain, the chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. said, “Since its inaugural sailing, Legend of the Seas has created many wonderful memories for hundreds of thousands of guests, and we expect this successful history to continue as she transitions to Thomson Cruises. While she will be missed, her transition supports Double-Double and our objective of moderate capacity growth.” The Legend of the Seas started sailing for Royal Caribbean in 1995. She will have served 22 years for Royal Caribbean, after she is sold.


Year built: 1995

Speed: 27 kn

Passengers: 1,832

Crew: 726

70k tons

11 decks




On October 18, 2010, the ship was en-route from Taiwan to Hong Kong, sailing in rough seas. While in the Taiwan Strait, the ship received a distress call from the cargo shipping vessel “Xin Yi”. The cargo ship was taking on water and sinking. The Royal Caribbean ship marked the freighter’s position, turned round and arrived there first just to witness how the vessel sunk. The crew started search and rescue operations, joined later by Taiwan Coast Guard assets. During the 12 hour effort, the ship rescued 3 crew and assisted in rescuing another 9 crew. Still, 10 crew members from the sunken ship remained missing.

On February 9, 2009, the ship was docked in Key West Florida due to a malfunction of one of its Azipods. The unit was leaking oil into the water. The ship remained moored there until the evening, when repairs were completed, then continued following the scheduled itinerary.

On January 20, 2012, in the Royal Promenade area a parade was just started, when the alarm sounded and was publicly announced that the bar “Cafe Promenade” was on fire. The ship was en-route to home port of Southampton, England.

OnvNovember 2, 2015, during a 10-day Asian cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore, the ship experienced a mechanical issue resulting in serious vibrations and an itinerary change. The incident started during rough sea, but the strong vibrations continued on the following days. Passengers reported their beds shaking and even making their drinks slosh at the Viking Crown Lounge on top deck 11.

On April 23, 2003, a 20-year-old female passenger was arrested in Honolulu, Hawaii. She was accused of planting threatening notes that lead to an FBI search for weapons on the ship. The young woman hoped the voyage would be cancelled so she could go home early. Due to this incident, the cruise itinerary was changed, skipping the Hilo port and shortening the Kona port stay.

On June 27, 2005, while the ship was at sea, a male passenger got very sick, suffering from Legionnaires’ Disease symptoms, including fever, chills, cough, headache, and ataxia. When the ship docked in Barcelona, Spain, the man was disembarked and transported to a local hospital. The cruise ship was quarantined in Barcelona for an extra day.

On January 29, 2006, a 34-year-old crew was arrested when the ship docked in Tampa, Florida. The arrest was on charges for attempted rape of a 22-year-old female passenger. The woman was pulled in a dark room, but managed to escape. The offender was held in the brig until the arrival in Tampa.

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